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What is WES Evaluation and how to get WES From MG University?

WES (World Education Services) Evaluation is crucial for individuals aspiring to pursue higher education or find employment in Canada. 

Without obtaining a WES evaluation report, someone can’t immigrate to Canada. A WES credential assessment aims to compare an individual’s educational qualifications from their home country to the education standards in Canada. 

This evaluation is vital in determining the equivalence and value of an individual’s education in Canada.

Through our collaborative approach, we are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. From the initial interview to the final placement, we offer unwavering support. Our goal is to ensure that the perfect match is made, and we continue to provide guidance and assistance even after the placement is complete. 

Additionally, we offer WES evaluation services to enhance the value of your credentials in Canada. This evaluation process involves a detailed comparison of your education credentials from your home country with the education standards in Canada, ensuring that both are equated effectively.


Documents Required to Get WES from MG University

Once we get the green light from the applicant, we’ll need a few things from them to get WES from MG University

1. The WES form, along with the WES reference number.

2. A copy of the consolidated mark sheets and the degree certificate.

3.  The fee receipt with the Challan number.

4. The application form for the transcript.

5.  An application requesting WES verification of mark sheets and degree certificates.

6. The applicant’s original SSLC and Plus Two certificates.

Why Choose Us?

WES from MG University

Dedicated Assistance for Your WES Evaluation

Evas Global offers reliable and professional assistance for obtaining a WES evaluation in Canada, ensuring efficient and timely completion of getting WES from MG University, enabling students to achieve their dreams 

WES from MG University
WES from MG University

Comprehensive Guidance and Support

The perfect match between credentials and Canadian education is ensured through WES evaluation, with ongoing guidance and assistance for enhancing credentials’ value in Canada.

WES from MG University

Trustworthy and High-Quality Service

WES evaluation at Evas Global prioritizes high-quality services, ensuring trust and efficiency for clients. Our team delivers trustworthy results, ensuring clients confidently pursue their dreams in Canada.

WES from MG University

We Simplify Your WES Evaluation Process

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Gopalakrishnan Sivaraman

“First, I heard about this firm via Google when I searched for getting transcripts from MS University. From that date till my documents reached WES Canada, their service was superb & with a very positive & kind approach throughout the process.”

Vishal TK

"I had a really good experience getting my academic certificates verified with WES. Everyone was so friendly and very helpful throughout the whole process. 10/10 would recommend to everyone who wants to get their certificates verified"

Shibin Krishna

“I got an excellent service from them. They were available all the time and were accurate and reliable. I got my WES done in 25 days. I really recommend their service to all of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about getting WES Evaluation from MG University.

What is the fee to get WES from MG University?

The fee to get WES from MG University depends on your pass-out year and the course you have studied.

How do I get WES from MG University?

Obtaining the WES evaluation is crucial if you dream of pursuing a degree or job in Canada. This step is essential, and ECA Expert is here to make the process a breeze for you. 

Our team specializes in providing professional assistance to students and job seekers who need help obtaining WES from MG University.

Is the WES fee refundable?

No, the WES fee is not refundable.

How many days will take to get a transcript from MG University?

The expected time for completion of getting WES from MG University is 30 to 45 working days from the acceptance of the application.

Do I have to pay for WES from MG University?

Yes, you have to pay for WES from MG University.

Reliable and Professional Assistance for Your Canadian Dreams

University Transcripts For WES Evaluation

For WES verification (for WES from MG University), a University transcript or a WES transcript is a necessary requirement. You must submit the documents that have been verified by those specific universities for the same. This official transcript is necessary for educational documents issued outside of Canada.

To comply with this requirement, you must submit verified documents from the universities where you obtained your education. These transcripts are necessary for educational records that were obtained outside of Canada.

Verifying your documents by the universities where you completed your education is crucial. It is worth mentioning that only institutions duly authorized and recognized can conduct such verification procedures.

WES From MG University, How to get it?

Obtaining the WES evaluation is crucial if you dream of pursuing higher education or a job in Canada. This step is essential, and Evas Global is here to make the process a breeze for you. 

We are committed to providing reliable and professional assistance to ensure you receive your WES from MG University efficiently and without delays. We understand the significance of this for your future and will work diligently to offer you a high-quality service.

Our Role in Assisting You in Getting WES from MG University

Our team specializes in providing professional assistance to students and job seekers who need help obtaining WES verification from MG University. 

We understand that the WES process can be time-consuming and overwhelming, so we are here to help. 

Our services include facilitating degree certificate verification from authorised universities and institutions in your home country, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, we offer support in obtaining your university transcripts.

WES Evaluation For Canada

Suppose you are planning to study or work in Canada. In that case, obtaining a WES (World Education Services) evaluation is essential to validate the legitimacy of your educational qualifications. In Canada, both academic institutions and various licensing bodies, as well as immigration authorities, recognize and accept the WES report. 

The primary objective of obtaining a WES report is to acquaint employers and institutions in Canada with your educational background acquired outside the country, as they may need to become more familiar with foreign education credentials. This evaluation serves as a means to ensure that you meet the qualifications for admission or employment opportunities within Canada.

What We Do?

We offer professional support to students and job seekers seeking to verify their degree certificates from authorized universities and institutions in India. We provide comprehensive assistance with the WES credential evaluation service, essential for those looking to immigrate to Canada. 

Additionally, we offer reliable and high-quality guidance to help individuals complete the official transcript evaluation process with the schools or universities they attended for their education.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you with the degree certification verification process from universities across India. 

Get Your WES Evaluation with Evas Global